It was an interesting view to see this painting through the fence as if she had been caged and imprisoned along with her dreams.

I found this on a wall somewhere near a train station in Vienna.





A busy crossing in the heart of Mumbai. A fashion store… a church… a flea market… and a building I don’t remember… all trying to demand attention. While waiting for a cab, my eyes somehow ignored everything else and found this painting of a Tiger. There were a few other animals to keep him company on the wall. But I was captivated by this part of the painting.


The blue face


On a not-so-hot day last week, I was walking down the quiet streets of Bandra trying to find my way to a cafe.

My attention was arrested by this blue face painted on the door of what seemed like an abandoned warehouse. The painting extended and covered the wall next to it. Reflection of iron stairs from the building next door crossed her face as if to contain her beauty and emotions.

She had a melancholic yet serene countenance. The colourful wild hair flowing in the wind seemed like rays of chaotic thoughts projecting out of her mind in all directions. The bright sunlight brought a new life to her colors. She was contemplative and joyful.

I had to stop to take her picture.




Cat, hearts, love and peace



I found this peace loving cat in a narrow Bandra street in Mumbai. The old wall was covered with paintings and some incomprehensible words. The Cat stood out amongst the interesting  colourful messages and caught my attention. I love the simple drawing of the cat with a serene appearance and the little red hearts.