Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a very interesting destination for me, not just because it’s a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean but also because of its ties to the ancient mythology of Hindus. Many believe that there exists a bridge made of stones that allowed Lord Ram to reach Lanka and rescue his wife Sita. The geography of Sri Lanka is very similar to the South Indian state of Kerala. The people, clothes and food are similar to the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
The dominant religion in Sri Lanka is Buddism. I had read about it but I wasn’t expecting to see it as the central tourist theme as well.  One can see a Buddha statue around every corner. There are huge statues and temples everywhere. The statues are visible from a distance and you are left with an overwhelming feeling when you stand next to them looking up. They seem to touch the sky.
Here are a few pictures from Buddha temples I visited in Sri Lanka.

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