Ocean Waves

I visited Sri Lanka in monsoons. There were limited tourists; the water was rough and the sky was cloudy.

The beach town was covered in different and new colours. Sometimes the view was covered in a sharp yellow of sunlight but mostly it was dull grey. The water was deep blue at times and a deep grey at other times. Often enough, the waves were scary rough.

I had fun taking pictures of the beach and waves in monsoons.


While I had heard of Stilt fishing, I came across this view without planing during a drive down the coastal road.
The water was rough and fishing was on halt that day. Many fishing boats remained floating near the beach.
Found this while driving down the coastal road.
View from an unplanned stopover on the way.
While we were chilling at the beach staring at the waves.
Waiting for sunset
Morning tea at the beach.
Blue water on a rare afternoon with no clouds.
Waiting for lunch… given the weather, the beach restaurants and cafes were empty… the only sound I could hear was that of the crashing waves.



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