Living root bridge of Meghalaya

Meghalaya has been my dream destination. It literally translates to ‘the abode of clouds’. Cherrapunjee, a small hill town in Meghalaya, is known for heavy rainfall. It’s the only matriarchal society in the country. And most importantly, the state is blessed with abundant natural beauty.

I finally managed a visit last monsoon with a friend. Given the limited time, we had to choose a couple of locations to include in the itinerary. The top on my list was the living roots bridge. It seemed like a beautiful trek through the jungle. And the idea of a bridge made from tree roots was enough to get us curious and excited.

The day turned out to be the best part of our journey. The weather was lovely. There were no rains and the clouds kept teasing us. But it wasn’t too hot to make the trek uncomfortable. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

We drove through a picturesque route with a view of mountains. The trek started at an unassuming quiet point with only one more tourist in sight who was waiting for the family to catch up.

Paths covered with leaves going deep in the woods might seem a little scary but equally exciting as they indicated the prospect of an interesting journey and a fascinating destination.

On the way, we found a couple of rope bridges swaying while we were trying to cross it. The walk was unstable with a swinging bridge and ropes under our feet. But that didn’t stop us from making a quick halt in the middle of the bridge to look at the beautiful water body flowing underneath with the shade of blue more pleasant than I have ever seen before.

We met exactly four people on the entire journey up and down. A very old lady who walks up and down everyday since she lives in a village there. A lady who lives in a house with a beautiful garden near the beginning of the trek. A lady in a small hut near the end of the trek selling water and snacks. One tourist trying to find his way to the living root bridge.

The living root bridge was worth the effort we made to reach there. It’s surprisingly stable and it’s beautiful. There was a waterfall nearby with its water flowing calmly underneath the bridge. I don’t remember how long we sat there under the waterfall staring at the bridge.



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