Road to Lamayuru in Ladakh

On a beautiful night in Ladakh, under the moonlight, I found myself walking down a quiet road in search of a landscape the locals call ‘moonland’.

After wandering around for a few minutes, I didn’t really care about searching the moonland anymore. The walk down that road was hauntingly beautiful. We could see the monastery way up in the distance on a mountaintop. The road was eerily quiet and covered in soft moonlight. Prayer flags fluttering through the fence created strange shadows on the road. I was fascinated by the beauty of that moment.

I wasn’t equipped with the right tools to capture that moment and that beauty. But I couldn’t resist making an attempt. In the absence of a tripod, I used a rock on the sidewalk to balance my camera. Some light was provided by the bright moon in the sky.

This is one of my favourite attempts at night photography… a breathtaking view, light provided by moon and a rock on the sidewalk for support.


Moonlit road to Lamayuru and starry sky



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